“If you are serious about learning Spanish”


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  • Learn Spanish
    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with 329 million native speakers. Personalized Spanish has customized programs that guarantee an unforgettable linguistic and cultural experience.
  • Command Spanish while exploring Costa Rica
    Costa Rica is well known for its stable democracy and safety, friendly people and natural biodiversity; we will help you organized trips to volcanoes, national parks, beaches and historical places.
  • Support our community
    If you have time, energy, motivation and want to have a positive impact on Costa Rica, you can volunteer during your stay in community development or environmental conservation projects.
  • Cultural activities
    Complementary activities such as cooking classes, tropical fruits tastings, cultural history and many more are offer allowing our students to have a richer experience and understanding of the culture and traditions of Costa Rica.

About Us

Spanish School In Costa Rica

Personalized Spanish is a boutique Spanish Language School that caters to people who are serious about learning Spanish. Recently, we have won several International Awards and were voted the Best Small Spanish School.


Recent News

-Spanish Pronto!

-Spanish for residents an expat. Don’t procrastinate: Now is the time to learn Spanish!

-Special programs with our partner Ann Becker

-Integrate your ON-LINE Spanish Course with our Immmersion Programs in Costa Rica


Having the smallest class sizes with a maximum of three students plus, a private on-line Spanish class as a gift after completing the immersion program.

We can design a customized program to satisfy your specific needs; whether you are professional, a family, a tourist or any type of group; we have the appropriate program for you!

Living in a beautiful homestays within walking distance to our Spanish school.

Complementing your Spanish classes with up to three different cultural activities per week and other things to do while in Costa Rica.

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Why Choose Us

Personalized Spanish values your time and money. Since our school is intimate, we have the opportunity to get to know each one of our students. We assess their needs and interests and work diligently to improve their Spanish from the first day. At Personalized Spanish, you are certainly not a number. We assure all members of our friendly staff can answer your questions and teach you about Costa Rican history, culture and traditions, as our teachers and management are 100% Costa Rican.


Our Philosophy

Our founder has being working in the field of teaching Spanish as a second language for many years. This is the reason why we have developed a well- rounded program that takes into consideration: our student’s academic needs, Spanish level and natural learning style, but also involves students in cultural immersion.


Personalized Spanish @n-line

Personalized Spanish now offers the option to study from your home or office with on line dynamic lessons via Skype.
This option is perfect if you cannot, or do not have time to travel to Costa Rica in order to attend an immersion program, or if you are one of our former students and want to continue improving your Spanish skills