Costa Rican Maximun Experience

Our Personalized Spanish Costa Rican Maximum Experience is a unique opportunity to experience Costa Rica and the Spanish culture by living as a local, interacting with your tico family, going out to places that ticos keep hidden from the tourist traps and by having wonderful adventures in a country well known for its biodiversity, beauty and friendliness.

You will be surrounded with the language and the locals who speak it. You will participate of the culture, rather than just watch and wonder. With our 10 day program you will get a good taste of the Costa Rican lifestyle. At the same time, you will also have the chance enjoy national parks, the beach and see wildlife.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime!

The program includes:

Program does not include:


San Jose (Tres Rios). San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and Tres Rios is one of its nicest suburbs. Located just 40 minutes away from San Jose, where you will be living with a local family.


Program price: $1283 per person

Cost of extra day in homestay $35 per person