Living Costa Rica (3 weeks Program)

A unique experience of language and adventure in Costa Rica

Our three weeks Living Costa Rica is a wholesome experience that same that our Living Costa Rica 2 weeks program introduces students to Costa Rican culture, its people and natural beauty. However the three week program will prepare students to give back to the local community by volunteering during their last week in the country.

The program is designed to integrate the learning of Spanish language through cultural immersion by living with a tico (Costa Rican) family, also by participating in real daily activities out of the beaten path and volunteering. No other Spanish school or tourist program will get this close to what ticos are really like.

Living Costa Rica gives our students the opportunity to develop a new perspective on the country they are visiting, at the same time that they are involved in fun, educational and culturally significant activities such as city and museum tours, going to out to hip local places and interacting with ticos, learning to dance local rhythms, visiting our world famous national parks, and of course as mentioned returning home with a feeling that they make a positive impact in the life of others.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime!

Included in this summer camp is the following:


San Jose (Tres Rios). San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and Tres Rios is one of its nicest suburbs. Located just 40 minutes away from San Jose, where you will be living with a local family. Most families live within walking distance from the school, although there might be a case of a student having to take public transportation to get to the school.


REGULAR $ 2206 per person

PLUS $2446 per person