Spanish family experience program - One week

Hola, we invite you become part of our extended familial

In Spanish Family Experience Program you and your family will not only be learning about the Spanish language, but you will also be immersed in the Costa Rican culture while living with a local family and participating of cultural presentations, recreational activities and traveling in our beautiful country.

Our location is in an upper middle class neighborhood in a southeastern suburb of San Jose called Tres Rios; a small, but active city with people walking, running, and cycling. Our Tico families (Costa Rican) are welcoming and enjoy sharing their time and experiences with families from other cultures, homestay are beautiful and only a few minutes walking distance from the school.

Family Program:

We will make sure everybody is learning and having fun in this enriching experience!

For the children (3-12)

During the course of the lessons the children will have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and have lessons outside. They will have different games and activities that will be done primarily in Spanish and will be done in a fun and interesting way in order to keep them interested and learning. The school also has specially designed educational material and lessons that are used to introduce grammar, and vocabulary as well as the structure of the language.

These classes are run at the same time and with the same schedule as the adult language program.

For teenagers (13-16)

Teens will have age appropriate activities accordingly to their needs; we also specialized in preparing teenagers for school’s exams. This is a great opportunity for teens and parents to do an immersion program together.

In case the parents do not sign their children for classes, babysitting services during class time hours can be also arranged for an extra cost

Every day children and teenagers will be learning Spanish in special places such as:


Children and teenagers will prepare a mini project for their families that includes:

Other activities that could be included in this program are:

Afternoon family activities

We have different activities that the Personalized Spanish teachers will work with the families to enriched your travel into Spanish classes:

- Central market tour:

Includes conversation class and interviews to people.

- Cooking class:

Having a class with your Costa Rican family and personalized Spanish teacher.

Traveling to Cartago:

One of our more antique and beautiful cities.


Personalized Spanish has created two different weekend tour options for the whole family (2 ½ days, 2 nights) at the organic farm and at the beach; families are welcome to take any of these options. In case the family prefer a different type of activity for the weekend we can also arrange it, but the price of the tour might change


Here families have two different options they can choose a weekend at the Caribbean or the Pacific side of the country


You and your family  will stay in a home-stay in an organic farm in the Turrialba, (an off the beaten path jewel), hike and learn about the organic farm, visit a botanical garden and even have a horseback ride or explore archeological ruins if you want.


Stay in a small and charming hotel owned by a local family, take guided tour of the rain forest, ride a bike to the next idyllic white sand beach and enjoy relax at the beach.


Stay in a small hotel, take a guide tour of Manuel Antonio National park, relax at the beach.


Price for adult & teenagers - $990

Children price - $690