Spanish for Nature lovers – 10 Days

Hola!!  Do you want a total experience surround tropical Nature learning Spanish? Personalized Spanish comes true your dream!

Personalized Spanish Programs bring you a warm and safe environment perfect for you to improve your Spanish skills through our customized designed program. We have Costa Rican families to be your hosts and home staying with a lot of years working with us.

The most important and amazing aspect about our program is that you will be travelling around Costa Rica with your Spanish teacher next to you. That means you will be learning Spanish, culture and exploring Costa Rica; three in one.

Check on our Essential Costa Rica Lovers Nature Program, that has a lot of activities because you will not only be learning about the Spanish language, but you will also be immersed in the Costa Rican culture while living with a local family and participating of lots of cultural, recreational and traveling activities in our beautiful country. It will ten days full.

All the program will be develop by our certificated Personalized Spanish teachers.

Imagine the trip looking at your schedule!

Your flight got on time, our personal driver car will be waiting for you. Your first destination will be to your tico family: Tres Ríos. It is in an upper middle class neighborhood in a southeastern suburb of San Jose; a small, but active city with people walking, running, and cycling.

Our Tico families (Costa Rican) are welcome you on your first day and you will enjoy sharing time and experience with them.

Your next day you will start it by having a big breakfast, just as a Costa Rican can be: Gallo pinto (Rice and beans prepared with a nice sauce), eggs, fruits, bread, tortillas, cheese, juice and our excellent coffee.  Then you will get to know our staff and your teacher, all of our teachers are certified Costa Rican natives and have years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. You are not going to feel in a class, because they are dynamic interactions.

You will meet people, get the Costa Rican culture and lots of Nature at same time you learn Spanish:

You will enjoy all Nature in a one day trip to our finest places.

Spanish nature lovers program includes:

Program does not include:

Cost: $1350